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A highlight of the Commencement ceremony is that a number of men and women from the graduating class share testimonies in lieu of a commencement address. This is a time for graduating students to share how the Lord has worked in their hearts during their 4+ years at BJU.

The school year ends with the commencement ceremony

Testimony from Rose Johnson, senior Biblical Counseling:

Like most seniors, Rose Johnson reflects on her four years here at BJU. Rose said one common theme that she recognizes is the fact that God is her Father, and she is His child. “He takes care of me and disciplines me like His child. He loves me as His child.” She remembers a specific time when God disciplined her and the way that experience has shaped her path. At the end of her sophomore year, Rose decided to switch from a biblical counseling major to special education. But she knew her decision was wrongly motivated because she wasn’t trusting God. That year was rough — Rose discovered that she didn’t like education classes, but her interest increased in the Greek language classes that she had continued to take. The next year Rose switched back to biblical counseling because she was interested in pursuing Bible translation work.

"He loves me as His child.”

Rose finished her last two years as a biblical counseling major. Once Rose crosses the FMA stage and receives her diploma, she plans get a master’s degree in theological studies. After that she plans to earn a master of arts in Biblical Exegesis and Linguistics at another seminary. Ultimately she wants to join with Bibles International to work on Bible translation.