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Living Gallery

For 18 years Bob Jones University has been retelling the gospel story through living art displays. BJU’s annual Living Gallery has become a tradition and highlight for both the university family and the Greenville community.

Greenville artist Doug Young works on his original sculpture "Damascus Road" for Living Gallery 2015

This year Jeff Stegall, an associate professor in the theatre arts department, directed Living Gallery. The theme he chose was about breaking the darkness, although the official title of the script, written by Jason Waggoner, is “Rivals of the Road.” Stegall says that he wanted the production to show how Christ is our Light and the One who breaks the darkness of sin and the world.

Living Gallery featured the story of Zacchaeus the tax collector and Saul the Pharisee. A new piece this year titled Damascus Road, was created by local sculptor Doug Young specifically for the 2015 Living Gallery. The piece played an important part in Living Gallery, depicting Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus.

Living Gallery is refreshing because it focuses our attention back on the true Easter story — Christ.