Who do you think you are?

The question of identity is one most people spend their entire lives trying to answer. Beyond a sense of self, identity carries our sense of worth and purpose. Our college years are especially formative as we explore out unique interests and experience a new measure of independence. In a society fascinated with labels, we tend to identify ourselves by our difference-our upbringing, our ethnicity, our field of study-or even through a relationship.

-Hosanna Gonzales, Editor


Robert D. Bell

This year’s dedicatee has faithfully served at BJU for fifty years in the Seminary, preparing generations of students for full-time Christian ministry as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and Biblical counsellors. His fellow seminary faculty members know him as a teacher and mentor and respect his profound knowledge of God’s Word.

Corretta Johnson Grass

This year’s co-dedicatee is recognized for her commitment to Bob Jones University and its cultural mission, her passion for the Gospel, and her steadfast love and ministry to those around her. As the daughter of a faculty member and administrator, Mrs. Corretta Johnson Grass grew up on campus, attended Bob Jones Academy and Bob Jones University, and has since contributed to the University’s educational and cultural mission in immense ways.